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Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Massage is defined as the systematic manipulation of soft tissue (skin, muscle, tendon, ligament, and connective tissues) by manual or mechanical means. Therapeutic massage is performed with the purpose of increasing the flow of blood and lymph through the body, stretching of muscle fibers and tendons to increase range of motion, and relaxing the nervous system to reduce the overall effects of stress on the body.

In our office, patients are treated in private therapy rooms by a highly trained therapist. Patients will be asked to disrobe to their comfort level depending on the area being treated. Proper draping with sheets and towels will limit body exposure to treatment areas. Therapeutic Massage is not soft relaxation work, so some discomfort may be felt as the tissue is manipulated to restore proper blood flow and flexibility. Good communication between therapist and patient will help to maintain discomfort at a tolerable level. Upon completion of treatment, discomfort may continue for a period of up to 48 hours as the body adjusts to the changes produced by the therapy.